Crocker Nuclear Laboratory


The Crocker Nuclear Laboratory (CRNL) is based primarily on a medium-energy particle accelerator, the Davis 76-inch isochronous cyclotron, with associated facilities and scientific and technical personnel. Research interests include identification of particulate pollutants and the mechanism by which they are transported; radiation effects on semi-conductors; and the development of alternatives to insecticides, pesticides, and conventional forms of water treatment.


The 76-inch cyclotron at UC Davis can generate a beam energy of 67.5 million electron volts and uses about 1.5 megawatts of power when running at full strength

 Crocker Nuclear Laboratory has two Service that they provide:

  1. Cyclotron Beam Service

    a. Client/Customr Information

    b. Delegated Agreement



  1. Mechanical and Electrical Shop Service

    a. Custom Fabrication

    b. Electrical Engineering

    c. Welding


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